A Ceremony of Carols

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Upcoming Concerts

We have many concerts throughout Avesnois and beyond: Belgium, Aisne, Nord, Sud-Ouest and Paris.

July 26, 201612:00 pm

Christmas Voice

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January 9, 201812:50 pm


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October 5, 201810:50 am

Voix de Noël

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October 28, 201811:00 am

 A Ceremony of Carols

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October 28, 20184:50 pm

Medieval music program

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October 29, 201812:50 pm

Church of Regniowez

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October 29, 20181:50 pm

St-Léger church of Trélon

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November 9, 201810:50 am

Miserere Mei Deus

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Types of Garage Openers

Types of Garage Openers
Garage doors are opened and closed over 1,000 times in a year. It’s no surprise we need specialized garage door repair companies to take care of them! If your bedroom is located above your garage, then you are going to have many problems sleeping if you choose noisy garage drive. You should study your home design before you select a garage drive. This article highlights the various garage drives available in the market.
Chain drive
This is one of the most common types of garage opener. It is affordable and easy to install. It works with a chain drive being pulling and pushing a trolley, which in turn causes the door to open or shut. You will find this type in most homes with detached garages. The drawback to this type of garage opener is that it is very noisy. You will also need to maintain the chain drive by lubricating it frequently.
Belt Drive
Very similar to the chain drive this type uses a belt instead of a chain. If you are looking for a garage opener for an attached garage then this is the one. The belt drive makes little noise and has low maintenance. The drawback is that they are expensive. The belt drive produces less vibrations when the door is opened or shut unlike the chain drive.
Screw drive
This garage opener has a threaded steel rod which moves the trolley used for opening and closing the garage. When compared with the other garage openers the screw drive requires little maintenance but it can be noisier than the belt drive.
Direct drive
This uses innovative technology to use just one moving part. The direct drive has motor that glides along a chain that is embedded in a sturdy steel rail. This is drive produces the least noise of all the garage openers.
Jackshaft openers
If you have large doors and you would like to keep your ceiling free from any overhead storage then the jackshaft openers are ideal for you. Powered by a 24 volt DC motor the opener is installed on the side of the door. The motor then moves pulleys and cables that raise the door by turning the torsion bar. The downside is that you will spend more but they are ideal for garages with high or low ceilings. a
You should select a garage opener with the right amount of horsepower to lift your garage door. The most common openers have a range of between half to one and half horsepower. The heavier HP openers are less susceptible to wear and tear. Consult with your mechanic for the recommended HP.
Additional garage opener features include remote controlled openers that use Wi-Fi. This you can open through your phone through a mobile app. More advanced openers have an automatic close feature that shuts the garage after a given period. Garage open gadgets vary and come packed with different features to meet each individuals taste.
Final thoughts
Selecting the right garage opener can make the difference whether you have a peaceful night or not. Recent innovations have developed garage openers that produce less noise while being easy to maintain. Consult your contractor before choosing one.

Carriage Garage Doors

Carriage style garage doors have been all the rage in recent years. It’s a trend that most likely won’t be stopping any time soon. What then is the reason behind this idea? Why have traditional garage doors, which have been the only choice really, started to become less popular in some respects? Is the carriage style of garage door just overall better than the traditional style of garage door? It’s not that complicated of an issue, but the main thing is that it really depends on the situation. Many different people have different opinions on their garage doors so having one over another is a decision of aesthetics for some and a decision of function for others.

Garage doors are constantly being updated and improved upon or tweaked to become more efficient, easier to use or just more attractive to consumers. Carriage style garage doors are just one iteration of that improvement. Carriage style garage doors have a variety of differences between them and the more traditional style of garage door. Some of those differences might make the option more appealing for you or less appealing for you. Picking the style of garage door you want has a few different factors to really think about.

Carriage style garage doors have the unfortunate disadvantage of being made of basically one large cohesive piece, unlike traditional style garage doors. The large door compared to the garage door panels of the traditional style can make garage door repairs much more cumbersome and costly. With a traditional style garage door you may need to just replace one garage door panel for a smaller more superficial garage door repair, whereas for the carriage style you’ll need to be replacing the whole for if it is the same sort of damage. This can become more costly very quickly if you are one who is at risk of doing damage to their garage door rather often. If your driveway is used for sports that get out of hand or if you have new drivers that might be you.

One of the main selling points for the carriage style garage door is the look. Everyone loves the look of that big old fashioned door, which just can’t quite be replicated by a traditional style of garage door. If you own a country style home or more old fashioned looking house, then a carriage style garage door might just be a great touch to the overall look. It could really bring things together for the exterior of your house.

Another thing to take into account with the traditional style of garage door and the carriage style is the actual way the two actually open and close. The traditional style of garage door works as you probably know, by rolling back into the garage. The carriage style on the other hand opens outwards in one whole piece. This can either be a pro or a con, depending on your situation. If you have a large garage with lots of overhead space that you’d like to use then the traditional style of garage door can actually hinder how you use that space by blocking it off whenever the garage door is opened. The carriage style of garage door though will let you use that space. If you have a small driveway or park cars in the driveway often then the carriage style of garage door might be a hindrance when it is opened.

Both styles have their pluses, the main thing is to do whichever works best for you. Taking a look at some of the differences is important to figuring out just which one is best for your situation in particular.

5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Choir Experience

Joining the choir is one of the best things that can happen to you. It is something you can run into when you are stressed or tired. Singing songs can always make you feel more alive, and it can lighten up your hearts. Joining the choir is always rewarding and you can gain a lot of things when you sing in a choir.

5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Choir Experience


The following are some of the tips to make the most out of your choir experience:

Listen carefully:

Singing solos is a lot different from singing in a choir. Listening is a significant factor to understand the music notes and the tone of the song. Only when you listen, you will be able to understand the harmony and replicate it accordingly. As a member of the choir, you need to listen to the voices of others in the choir. You need to pay attention to accompanying instruments. By listening you will learn how to blend your voice with the rest of the choir. Thus, make sure that you have an open ear for whatever that is taught in the choir.

Be open to criticism:

There are some tones which you have to practice for a lot of time before you could actually hit the note. Always be open to suggestions and criticism. It is always good to sing with our best voices, and we can sing with our best voices only when we are open to criticism. Listening to the director’s instructions and applying them is very important to perform well in the choir.


The more you practice; the better will be your voice. Think of how much time you will be spending on each piece and then practice accordingly. Try to focus on the singing by avoiding talking. When you talk more, you tend to lose your concentration and miss out on various notes. Keep yourself occupied instead of talking with your neighbour during the breaks. Ponder upon the songs silently in your mind.

Get involved in various activities:

By joining the choir, you can improve your voice, but at the same time, you can also get involved in all the activities done by your choir group. There are many events like fundraising, game night, Christmas party, etc. These events let you spend time with your choir members, and you can learn a lot of various people who sing with you.

Never stop learning:

There is something to learn each and every day. There is always something new which we do not know. We need to open our minds to learning such things. Music is like a vast ocean, and you can always learn something new. Joining the choir is one of the best things that can happen to you and you will have many opportunities to explore a lot of things. When you explore new ideas, you tend to gain more knowledge.


4 Ways to Recruit Choir Members

When it comes to recruiting choir members for a choir, you need to make sure that your choir is filled with joy and the members are enthusiastic to sing. Choosing people who can sing and who are willing to learn how to sing are very important. The members of the choir must understand the importance of being in a group and the purpose behind the choir.

4 Ways to Recruit Choir Members

The following are some of the ways by which you can recruit choir members:

Encourage your choir members to invite their friends to join the group:

One of the best ways to increase the members of the choir is to encourage the present members to invite their friends or family members to join the choir. For this to happen, the existing members must love being in the choir and have a passion for music. When other people see the fellowship and joy experienced by the current members, they will be motivated to join the choir.

Use technology:

Social media is one of the best ways to get information out to people. Almost everyone accesses these social media sites on a regular basis, and if you want to get reach out to people in a specific locality, you can search for that particular location or create a group and post that you are looking for people to join your choir. Even if someone is not interested, they might know someone who might be, and they can inform them about the recruitment.

Conduct small events:

You can host a small event in your church or school and invite everyone. In the meeting, you can tell people about the joy of singing and how it would benefit them. Make sure that the event you conduct is fun and exciting so that many people would come and attend the event. You can make your existing choir members perform at the program and make everyone else watch the performance to understand the joy of singing.

 Let people know about the benefits:

There are lots of benefits when you join the choir. You can let people know about all these benefits so that people will be encouraged to join the choir. When people become aware of the things they will learn by joining the choir, they will automatically be motivated to participate and sing in the choir.

There are always people who are eager to join the choir; you just have to reach out to them and make them sing. Many people will think that they can’t sing and doubt their voice but unless they have tried singing they would never know. You can tell them that they have something new to learn and they will develop and improve their voice as they practice.


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